Saturday, November 19, 2011

Yes, I came out yesterday, Friday, November 18, with Musa Publishing, & you can click above to find out more about me. My Rhoda has been holding this space warm since September. That means lots of Evo treats!

I'd like to hear from you, the readers. Lee Herrick, poet and cc English teacher, said about my story:

"Chella Courington's prose is stunning and difficult to turn away from.  From the very first to the last, this work is breathtaking and surprising.  I cherish moments where I think, "How did the writer do that?" and we are lucky if it happens occasionally--but with this writer's command and vision, I was taken aback by the "minor revelations" in nearly every piece. This book is full of beautiful gifts, wise and accurate.  I have not read many (if any) books like this---the fascinating blending of social media and its effects, the academic realities, aspirations and despair, the speculation and desire throughout the collection. This is an important voice in American short prose, contemporary and confident, beautiful and brilliant."

---Lee Herrick, author of This Many Miles from Desire

Please feel free to comment & offer suggestions. Does my story ring true for the many adjuncts out there? the aspiring poets? the reader coping with life? I want to hear your comments and anecdotes. Thanks so much for the time & hope to meet via the page. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Talking Did Not Come Easily to Diana is a prose poetry novella about Diana McPhear, who loves to read and write, teach and play with her cat Rhoda. Diana spends the rest of the time in her head, trying to figure out life. Fortunately, she found a teaching job at Earl Warren Community College and likes her students a lot. Unfortunately, she is an adjunct, a part-time teacher who suffers the slings and arrows of not being full time. The novella comes out as an ebook with Musa Publishing November 11. Until then her devotee Rhoda invites readers and teachers, writers and cat lovers to share their stories. When Diana appears in November, she will take up residence here, hoping to talk with you. Until then, I Rhoda will be keeping this space warm, listening to your stories.