Saturday, September 17, 2011

Talking Did Not Come Easily to Diana is a prose poetry novella about Diana McPhear, who loves to read and write, teach and play with her cat Rhoda. Diana spends the rest of the time in her head, trying to figure out life. Fortunately, she found a teaching job at Earl Warren Community College and likes her students a lot. Unfortunately, she is an adjunct, a part-time teacher who suffers the slings and arrows of not being full time. The novella comes out as an ebook with Musa Publishing November 11. Until then her devotee Rhoda invites readers and teachers, writers and cat lovers to share their stories. When Diana appears in November, she will take up residence here, hoping to talk with you. Until then, I Rhoda will be keeping this space warm, listening to your stories.


  1. Hi Rhoda! This is Roxy. Yes, I'm a cat named after a surfing apparel company. Rather than ironic, I feel like this reveals my badass character, love for the outdoors, and of course my extraordinary beauty. I do a little modeling. Anyways, you asked for stories about writers and cat lovers, etc. My owner Mandy used to write a lot of poetry before she got this excessively large creature she calls a golden retriever. My coat is the perfect glowing orange and delicate white. This creature's coat would never be considered golden! Ridiculous. Back to the point, I've noticed a considerable decline in productivity and increase in financial stress since she welcomed this needy vagabond into our home. She still writes, but now it's usually in pencil smudged with tears. I am too dignified to cry, but I understand the sentiment. Rhoda, I hope your life is free of dogs. -ROXY

  2. Roxy,
    Imagining that Golden Retriever, I want to hide under the bed. My owner Diana once had an X who had a Golden. I actually liked the Golden better than the X. I spent an entire night knocking things off Diana's bedroom chest just to annoy him. It worked. Hey, my paws are getting used to these keys. Come by again.